Connect critical business functions to create a digital supply chain that streamlines transactions and accelerates growth.

Manage your vendors simply and efficiently

Our collaboration platform brings Shippers and Transporters together to help deliver an efficient transport planning and execution process. Eliminate the need to coordinate with your supply chain partners over the phone or emails.

Track your In Plant operations

Manage your vehicle movement across the different stages in your plants and warehouses. The In Plant platform allows you to organize your logistics activities more effectively, ensuring that you always optimize turn-around-time at every stage.

Asset tracking made easy

Our tracking platform, also known as IVTS, is the best in class solution for your vehicle tracking needs. With exceptionally accurate tracking and intuitive KPI monitoring, use to track your vehicles.

Proof of Delivery at a Click

Last Mile Processing is a critical part of successful supply chain operation. Our solution aims at delivering value to the end customers and making the last leg journey smoother to all involved stakeholders right from supply chain service providers to your end customers.